Thursday, April 6, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 09 Environment Project

For this final project I’m planning on slightly modifying my a few of my assets to kind of match the legend of Zelda but going for a more realistic style. What I am planning to do is create certain weapons and shields that uses in the game to place on the walls and I certain knick knacks to place around the environment. Im also going to play more with the lighting to make it better to set the mood and for the first floor I still don’t know what to populate that with. The references on here are just for you to see what I am thinking of making and keep it within scope and not kill myself. I wont make them stylized in order to keep my style consistent. 

This is the lighting I am trying to go for in my scene with the afternoon lighting and the colors of the stained glass window colors projecting on the floor.

51467-black-colour-lamp-dark-window-religion-and-faith-photocase-stock-photo-large.jpeg (800×582)
5724b9c87201a81f66f5b250aecce5b7.jpg (413×550)

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